Sleepy Nails awakens!

I’m back! And I have two new reviews for you! After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try a brand I’ve never tried before – Mineral Fusion.  I went out and I grabbed five bottles. Blue Steel, Grotto, Galaxy, Emerald Sand and Royal Rubble.The last three of which I ‘ll be reviewing. First up – Galaxy! I wanted this from the moment I spotted it. It reminded me a little of Across the Universe by Deborah Lippmann. I used a coat of Navy I Do by Sinful Colors underneath, and two coats of Galaxy over the top, then one coat of KBShimmer top coat. Galaxy is a dark blue and purple jelly base with turquoise and blue glitter. It was actually really hard to capture just what this polish looked like, but the last photo was the best at representing it correctly. It is gorgeous! Formula was great, good consistency and also really happy with the wear I got out of this. Next up – Royal Rubble with Emerald Sand! I really should’ve taken pictures of these separately I now realize, but aaaaaah well. This is one of my new favourite combinations, and looks like a long time lemming of mine! Royal Rubble is a deep purple/burgundy polish, loaded with purple and green microgglitter. It really is gorgeous on its own. The purple green glitter is so beautifully subtle that it’s a classier look. I used three coats of Royal Rubble. Then I topped with one coat of Emerald Sand, which is a green tinted sheer base, with pink and gold glitter. rubble rubble2I just adore how these colours look together. I am also a big fan of this brand! I would suggest grabbing some up at Ulta or Whole Foods!


Lift the Veil

Today I’m using Lift the Veil by Orly, one of the only two Orly pinks from my set I haven’t tried yet!

Lift the Veil is a milky baby pink, it’s not quite a creme and not quite a jelly. It’s a beautiful colour for a wedding (hence the name, I suppose) but also really perfect colour if you’re having a baby girl any time soon!

lift the veil

The formula left a little to be desired. Very opaque and thick. It took 4 coats to get this opacity, topped with one coat of KB Shimmer top coat.

lift the veil

 Clean up is super simple with this colour. It is a little bit streaky, but honestly it’s not very noticeable. Having said all that I love this colour so much, I will wear it often!

Gilded Coral

Yay it’s the weekend! Holy smokes it’s been a long week! So I decided to unwind a little with some nail polish. I chose Gilded Coral by Orly.

gilded coral

Gilded Coral was part of an Orly Spring Collection from 2011. It’s a very light coral with a brilliant gold shine. I am absolutely loving this polish. It’s not one I would’ve picked for myself, but I am so glad I bought the pack! Under certain indoor lights, the colour looks almost like a nude, but in the sunlight it has a gorgeous gold shimmer.

The formula was great, great coverage with just two coats. I wish I had this polish before my wedding. It’s so perfect for one!

Choreographed Chaos

After ruining the everlovin’ poop outta my red nails over the last 2-3 days, today I decided to go with something a little more unusual. I usually reserve this colour to my toes, but I decided I’ll give it a try on my fingers.

choreographed chaos

This colour was originally from the Orly Summer Mash Up Collection from 2013. It’s a super bright bubblegum pink, with a teeny bit of what looks like iridescent glitter, and when the sun hits it just right it’s beautiful!

choreographed chaos 2

The formula was pretty standard for a neon. A little chalky, a little streaky, but 3 coats really brings it together. Clean up was super simple, and I hope to enjoy these for longer than 3 days this time, though I doubt it!

Seeing Red

Sundays are nail paintin’ days! Today I was inspired by some vintage nail polish ads that are floating around on the internet. Such deep, rich beautiful reds!

So for today’s nails I went with one of my favourite reds – Seeing Red by China Glaze.
This polish was from the China Glaze Limited Edition Collection “The Giver” from 2014.

The opacity of this is fantastic. This is just two coats. The formula was easy to work with, though reds can be hard sometimes, this went on pretty smoothly. I really think this colour would be great for a vintage half-moon manicure from the 1920’s. When I get the courage to try half moons I’m definitely going with this colour first!

Beach Cruiser

Man, it started heating up fast! So I went with a very summery colour for my nails today! This is a polish from my Orly Pinks collection that I’ve been meaning to swatch for forever! Aaaand here it is!

beach cruiser 2

Beach Cruiser is a super, super bright neon from the Orly Summer 2012 Feel Vibe Collection, and it is a lot of peoples favourite neon pink polish. The formula was a little chalky, but that’s to be expected, most neons I’ve tried have been. This is three coats of Beach Cruiser, with one coat of KB Shimmer Top Coat.

beach cruiser

The dry time on this was ridiculous. If you want a bright pink neon that dries fast look no further! It dries matte like most neons, so if you want it to be shiny you’ll have to use top coat. This colour is hard to capture, too! Very Barbie-car pink under artificial light, but more of a neon coral in the sunlight. Really pleased with this polish!

Push and Pur-pull

It’s Monday again! Nail pantin’ time! Today I decided to go with a beautiful squishy purple from OPI. This polish is called Push & Pur-pull, and was part of the OPI Neon Collection last year. Which is baffling, as it’s not really a neon at all.

Push and Pur-pull

This is three coats of Push and Pur-pull with one coat of KB Shimmer top coat.
I had quite a bit of trouble with the formula, it was a little sheer for my taste, and ended up looking a little streaky. But I do love the look of a good jelly, so I wasn’t too disappointed. It was also a little more red/pink than it looked in the bottle!

I’m not sure why half the swatches are a deep purple, and others have this same red look that mine does. I’m guessing some people have edited their images to make it look more purple. I think next time I try using this polish, I’ll use a white base. Which is a total pain in the butt!

And since this is a jelly, I decided to do a bit of a jelly sandwich and use a glitter topper, PInkaboo by Ciate, then go over it with one coat of Push and Pur-pull, and here’s how it turned out:

Pretty neat, eh? I like it!

Green Ocean

I know, I know. I said no more nails this week. BUUUT, someone convinced me to just cut ’em down and continue painting. How could I say no? So, please, excuse these nubs while they grow! Today I decided to try out Green Ocean, my green flakie/glitter topper from Sinful Colors.

Oh my goood laaaaawd! This is permanent, right? I never, ever want to take this off. I’m just gonna throw this out there and say that this is my very favourite topper. These colours together remind me a lot of Across the Universe by Deborah Lippman (without the pricetag!) I am in love!

For the base I used two coats of Navy I Do by Sinful Colors, with one coat of Green Ocean, topped with two coats of KB Shimmer Top Coat. Guys, if you see this one grab it! It’s gorgeous and also apparently quite rare and hard to find.

Mystery Moonshine

Gooood morning! After a few days of brutal guitar playing, my left hand is looking a little disheveled. This might be my last post for a week or so, to let my hands and nails heal! Anywho, yesterday I grabbed this polish and I’ve been dying to try it. Mystery Moonshine is a clear base topper, with copper, green and purple shard glitter. I’ve been eyeing this one for a while, but I put off buying it because I know the hell that it’s going to be taking it off… but ahh, I think it’ll be worth it!

The base I used was two coats Wet N Wild’s Black Creme, and two coats of Mystery Moonshine, with one coat of KB Shimmer Clearly On Top. Mystery Moonshine was much easier to apply than I expected! It wasn’t thick at all, but you might have to gently place some shard glitters yourself as they sometimes drag over the end of your nails when you apply.

Really loving this polish!

Toggle to the Top

Ooooooh, poo it’s Monday! Might as well brighten up my mood by painting my nails (again, I know, sh) and today I decided to go with a new polish I picked up recently, Essie Toggle to the Top! This is my first Essie polish. I’ve honestly never been drawn to Essie polishes, but since this was discounted at $2, I thought why the heck not.

toggle to the top 4

his polish is a sheer dark red based jelly, with bright red microglitter. I’ve gotta say, the formula was one of the worst I have tried. It was thick, and it was very hard to get enough polish on the brush to cover your entire nail. I know that jelly’s can sometimes be difficult, but this polish is very similar to Orly’s Star-Spangled, which I have no problems with.

Never the less, it’s a beautiful vampy color for fall or winter, but I would suggest going with something else if you don’t want to end up ripping your hair out every time you use this polish!